Table of Contents



Career Checklist

Chapter One

Who Am I? / Who Are You? Wonder Bread, Seven-Grain, and the Regional Renaissance / Stieglitz, Guggenheim, You and Me / Now, Let Us Begin

Chapter Two

Why On Earth Did You Choose This Profession? / Conformist or Nonconformist? Drive / Suffering / Inspiration / Are You Selfish? / The Bohemian Life / Dope / Booze / Depression: The Artist’s Malaise / Neurosis: The Artist’s Badge / Love

Chapter Three

Employment / Where to Live / Television and the Mass Media / Fit / The Simple Art of Reading / Graduate School? / Heritage

Chapter Four

How Will You Know When You’re Ready to Show Publicly? / Establishing Goals and Setting Deadlines / Photographing Your Work / Resumes / Bios / Artists’ Statements / Portfolios and Presentation Folders / Archival Process / Pricing Your Work

Chapter Five

Where To Show in the Beginning / Press / Postcards and Newsletters

Chapter Six

New York: What It Means and What It Doesn’t / Juried Shows, Art Fairs / How do you Learn About the Shows? / Shows I’ve Done / A Typical Show /

Chapter Seven

A Common Enough Beginning / The First Gallery / Brooklyn Bridge / The Second Gallery / Passing Poles Like Pickets / Saving the Ship / The Third Gallery / Saving the Ship–Again

Chapter Eight

Getting into the Galleries / Rejection/Perseverance / Choosing the Right Gallery / Business / Coming to an Agreement, Gallery Percentages / You’re in a Gallery: Now What? / Passion / Exclusivity / Getting Paid / Your First One-Woman, One-Man Show / The Critics / Galleries in Other Cities / Your Relationship With Your Dealers

Chapter Nine

Clients, Rich and Otherwise / How Do You Land a Commission on Your Own? / Other Types of Commissions / Letter of Agreement / Commissioned Paintings Through Galleries / Commissioned Sculpture / Public Calls for Artists / Copyright / When Should You Should Encourage Clients to Utilize Your Copyright? / Working with Interior Designers / Working with Architects / Contractors and Developers

Chapter Ten

Corporate Clients / Corporate Culture: The Good, the Bad, and the Corrupt / Burning Bridges / Networking / Financing / Mentors / Charity Art Auctions / Tax Write-Offs and Related Issues

Chapter Eleven

Websites / Social Media / E-Mailing Images / Utilizing Reproductions in Magazines and as Prints /Grants / Compromise, and One Example of It / Self-Doubt / Expanding Career / Museums: Gaining Their Acceptance / Snobbery: Another Word for ‘Wasted Intelligence’ / Expanding Life

Chapter Twelve

Success / Failure
Career Outline, Tasks and Goals