The success of the book hasn’t dimmed Dorrell’s drive to help regional artists get recognition he feels they deserve. It’s also heavy on pragmatic advice—from pricing and promoting one’s work to gaining acceptance by galleries. The Associated Press

Dorrell’s book offers a frank and inspiring look at all aspects of the artist’s life, from the creative and emotional challenges to the nuts-and-bolts of the art business. Hartford Courant

An entertaining and highly valuable guide for aspiring and working artists.  Murray Dessner, Painting Instructor and Critic, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia

A frank, honest book about making (and not making) it in the art world, Dorrell covers a range of topics, from preparing yourself emotionally for a creative life to getting commissions. The Artist’s Magazine.

Dorrell advises sagely on topics from photographing your work to inspiration, depression, self-doubt, getting commissions, and getting into galleries. Ceramics Monthly Magazine.

Dorrell matches his work’s ambition with a conversational tone that makes the book succeed as an animated, how-to resource for everyone from starving artists to gallery owners to general free thinkers.  New Orleans Gambit.

An insightful, honest exploration of what it takes to make it as an artist, in spite of challenging circumstances and psychological hang-ups.  Professional Artist Magazine.

Dorrell’s passion is to help artists thrive in what is often an unsupportive art world.  This is a very important book that scores of artists can learn from.  ArtStreet, Miami Public Television.

The most informative, thought-provoking, and important book about developing an art career that I have ever read. Doug Baldwin, Professor of Ceramics, Retired, Maryland Institute.

Dorrell, who owns the Leopold Gallery, seeks to teach, reassure, enrich and inspire artists of all stripes. His advice ranges from the practical to the cautionary. But mostly he urges artists to realize how important and relevant they are.  The Kansas City Star.

Dorrell’s clearly written book guides the reader through failure and frustration on the road to success.  It also includes tips on résumé building, artists’ statements, portfolio presentation, press relations, and on how to find supportive dealers.  The Albuquerque Journal.

Dorrell’s reference book provides pragmatic advice for the artist trying to negotiate the ever-changing face of the art world…delivered with wit and charm. Warren Rosser, WT Kemper, Distinguished Professor of Painting, Chair of Painting Department, Kansas City Art Institute.

With compelling prose and rare insight, Dorrell covers practical topics such as photographing one’s work inexpensively, getting placed with galleries nationally, and landing commissions.  The Louisville Courier-Journal.

Dorrell writes in a conversational, easygoing tone.  Inspiration, execution, marketing and selling, dealing with successes and failures—numerous aspects of the professional fine art world are thoroughly addressed.  Saint Louis Post-Dispatch.

If you’ve decided to follow your dream of becoming an artist, Paul Dorrell has sound advice for you in his memoir/art guide, “Living the Artist’s Life.” His book tackles topics as diverse as depression, art fairs, juried shows and getting paid.  The St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Down-to-Earth, accessible, and infinitely readable, this book is invaluable for anyone who is an artist. Readers will find Dorrell’s experience-based advice engaging and enlightening, with important practical information not taught in school.  Fiberarts Magazine.

Dorrell has a heartfelt generosity of spirit that he extends to others.  His book helps the novice traverse the rough terrain of an artist’s life, every step of the way. Edie Pistolesi, Ph.D., Professor of Art, California State University, Northridge.

Part memoir and part how-to, Dorrell’s book sagely coaches artists on how to be media-savvy, deal with rejection, show publicly and find that one great gallery.  Houston Press.

Dorrell imparts candid first-hand knowledge about the perils of living off one’s passion.  His book covers everything from creating portfolios and networking with galleries, to dealing with critics and an artist’s inevitable self-doubt, with great insight and generosity.  The Cincinnati CityBeat.

Dorrell’s book is a survival primer that, while predominantly covering the universe of art galleries, paintings and sculpture, also contains plenty of valuable information that aspiring writers, musicians, actors, and filmmakers could utilize.  The Nashville City Paper.

Dorrell’s book covers everything from low-budget travel tips to the defense of copyrights and the preservation of sanity.  Information about innumerable subjects is detailed in a simple, conversational, and often amusing tone.  Des Moines Register.